Expectations of the Curriculum (Intent)

At Heaton School we recognise the importance and value of providing a curriculum which is:

  • Balanced and broadly based to develop the knowledge and skills of pupils as appropriate to their age and stage of development
  • Prepares pupils for future life
  • Promotes spiritual, moral, cultural, mental, social and physical development of pupils
  • Promotes independence
  • Accessible and relevant to pupils.

The national curriculum forms part of the whole school curriculum: the programmes of study for each subject are followed where they are relevant and accessible. Some parts are not accessible to all pupils attending Heaton School. Our learners who experience multiple/complex needs must benefit from a curriculum which is broader than the National Curriculum, one that is driven by individual pupil need. This has been recognised by the Rochford Review for those learners not engaged in subject specific learning. (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/rochford-review-final-report)

Our provision will address such need to secure breadth, balance and relevance within curriculum experiences. The school uses many aspects of the National Curriculum as the main ‘vehicle’ for learning to enable teachers to design bespoke experiences and target setting to address outcomes identified within EHCP’s and with a focus on preparing for adulthood.(https://www.preparingforadulthood.org.uk/)

The curriculum at Heaton School includes targeted therapy and work on specific areas of development such as social interaction, physical wellbeing, health and independence and a focus on priority areas such as developing communication which is delivered through a “total “ communication approach across the whole school and through feeder schools.

The curriculum is tailored and flexible to suit the learners at Heaton School, it builds and embeds the knowledge secured at Key Stage 1 & 2 progressing through the key stages while increasingly focusing on functional skills that are appropriate to each individual, and which will enable them to develop as young adults, attend college or supported living / work.

What our parents say about our curriculum –

“My son participates in a range of curriculum areas that develop independence and meet his preferred learning style”

“We support the principles, they provide a balanced approach to development”

“The curriculum is really good, pertinent to the children that attend Heaton School. I like the inclusion of preparing for the future and promoting independence”

“My son is learning practical and functional skills that mean he has the potential to function in society in ways we never thought possible”

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