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Recognising each students potential and maintaining each students individuality are central to every experience offered throughout the school day.

Heaton School has been working over a number of years to set up a bespoke curriculum and assessment package intent on allowing us to plan engaging sessions and then track even the smallest steps of progress shown by each individual at what ever level they are working at. We call it “H Levels”.

This uses an online assessment tool called Evidence For Learning (EFL) to assess progress using our “H- levels”that the teaching staff here have devised. These were created using the P Levels as a framework to create levels that aim to complement our curriculum and its aims to prepare students for adulthood. This has enabled us to implement an offer that is tailored to the needs of the students and prepare them for life after school.

This process (combined with IEP and EHCP targets) allows us to focus on enabling students to reach their potential in what ever way is appropriate such as living independently, having some form of employment,  having the ability to make simple choices, an awareness of how to be part of the wider community / society and stay safe outside of school or home and to be able to communicate effectively .

We assess skills and progress in  7  broad areas and track progress in order to inform planning the next steps through KS3 to KS5 and beyond based around the outcomes for adulthood:




–Life Skills

–Physical and Health

–Friendship and Community

–Understanding the World

Heaton school’s curriculum is organised in to rolling programmes for each subject to create a frame work that gives multiple opportunities to teach and assess skills in the 7 H Levels in every part of the students day – not just in lesson time. This enables students to work in groups drawn from a variety of years and ensures full coverage of the curriculum for each students with no repetition. In addition to this we supplement via accreditation such as the  WJEC accreditation in Entry Level 1- Pupil Progress and our own Outcomes for Adulthood award in Yr14.

For more information on the curriculum or a specific subject please contact either the Class Teacher or Head of Department ( Andy Ruddick KS3/ KS4, Ruth Martin Sensory/PMLD & Jen Beresford KS5/P16) in the first instance.

Please see rolling programmes below. (click on the link to view)

For more information in any subject or in general please contact the Headteacher on 0161 4321931

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