Heaton School Charter

Heaton School takes pride in being a truly inclusive community where all its members are valued and treated equally.

This is our school charter.

  • See me as a person, not as my disability
  • Allow me dignity and respect; Don’t judge, mock, taunt or ignore me. Don’t shame or humiliate me. Allow me privacy
  • Value me as a unique individual, acknowledging my strengths and weaknesses
  • Use my name when you talk to me. Don’t talk about me as if I wasn’t there.
  • Talk to me in a way I can understand, don’t talk at or about me
  • Involve me in conversations. Give me time to answer or respond, even if it takes me a long time or if I am difficult to understand introduce visitors to me
  • Don’t ask me a question when you are really giving me an instruction.
  • Understand that I have a right to make choices, give me the opportunity to do so.
  • Let me know what is going to happen, rather than it just happening to me.
  • Treat my wheelchair as an extension of me. Don’t use it as a prop.
  • Give me the opportunity to make my own mistakes, being aware of my vulnerability.
  • Involve me in decisions. Encourage me to give my views or advocate for me.
  • Fully involve my family in planning for my needs, and acknowledge them as the people who know me best.
  • Don’t handle me roughly or allow others to do so
  • Protect me from unkind actions, intended or otherwise, and help me cope with difficult situations.
  • My behavior might challenge you sometimes, but don’t always expect this.
  • Teach me about appropriate touch and personal space.
    Support and encourage me to behave in a way that is appropriate for my age.
Heaton School
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