The majority of our students travel to school through transport provided and maintained by the Local Authority.

To discuss transport arrangements please call the SEN team on 0161 474 2504.

Students arriving at school with parents or travelling independently.

Students will arrive at the schools main entrance and must be supervised until 9.15 when staff will come and collect them / they will go to class independently. Any student who has completed Travel Training will arrive at the main entrance and wait there until 9.15 prior to continuing to class.

Procedures for students arriving on Authority provided transport

Heaton Staff on Duty– A member of staff will be in the car park at all times to assist drivers and escorts with procedures. If they request that drivers and escorts do something other than the norm it will be for a safety reason.

Morning Drop Off / Afternoon Pick up

Timings –

  • AM – Transport staff are responsible for students until 9.15am, school staff are not available until then. Students must remain on vehicles until the doors are opened signalling staff are available. At 9.15 the SECOND bell will sound to signal that staff are now available at the back door so students can leave the vehicles.
  • PM – Assembly will finish at approx. 3.15pm and students will begin moving from the hall to the transport, gates will be locked and remain locked until its safe for vehicles to exit. We will try to allow the first transports to leave at 3.25 – this is when school officially ends for the day. When all the first busses have departed, we will allow those waiting through the gates.

All vehicles to enter the playground through the gates and park where shown by school staff –Vehicles with multiple wheel chairs nearest the doors. Reverse towards the bollards.

All vehicles to park and turn engines off until gates are reopened by school staff.

Vehicles are staffed so students have the support they need. Additional school staff are available to assist escort students into the building if required and to transport at end of the day. If you need help with challenging behaviour immediately or in the future please speak to a member of staff who will direct you to the best person to advise you.

All escorts, drivers and students will walk to vehicles behind the bollards and stay on the path until they reach their vehicle.

Vehicles will be allowed to leave the premises / enter the car park when gates opened by school staff – staff on duty to usher drivers in a safe order.

All emergency procedures in place. Staff will have Radio and be in contact with the school office and SMT to contact escorts if needed (all escorts numbers have been collected by school) and can contact transport directly.

No student is to travel without a seat belt or escort.

No student is to leave with a person who has not been authorised to collect them. Staff will always ask to see ID. If in any doubt busses will be asked to delay departure while appropriate checks are made.

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