Respect Charter

Heaton School – Respect Charter

At Heaton School we believe staff, parents and children are entitled to a safe and protective
environment in which to learn and work. We strive to ensure that our school offers a warm
and nurturing environment. All members of the school community and visitors should
demonstrate mutual respect. To work and grow together we use restorative approaches as
the foundation of our practice. Any behaviour that may lead to feelings of harassment, alarm
or distress to members of our community, will not be tolerated and action will be taken.


  • That all adults set a good example to children at all times, showing them how to get
    along with all members of the school and the wider community.
  • That no one – staff, governors, parents, carers, volunteers or children, be subjected to
    abusive behaviour or any form of threats from visitors on the school premises.
  • That physical attacks and threatening behaviour, abusive or insulting language verbal
    or written (including on social media) , to staff, governors, parents, carers, volunteers,
    children and other users of the school premises will not be tolerated and may lead to a
    ban from school premises and/or police action.
  • Types of behaviour that are considered serious and unacceptable
  • Shouting, either in person or over the telephone
  • Speaking in an aggressive/threatening tone
  • Physically intimidating , e.g. standing very close
  • The use of aggressive hand gestures/exaggerated movements
  • Physical threats
  • Shaking or holding a fist towards another person
  • Swearing and name calling
  • Pushing
  • Slapping, punching, hitting or kicking
  • Racist, homophobic or other hateful behaviour
  • Sexist comments or sexual innuendo
  • Disrespecting religion or belief
  • Inappropriate posting on Social Networking sites which could bring the school into disrepute or be deemed as bullying, harassment or a hate- related comment

This is not an exhaustive list but seeks to provide illustrations of such behaviour:

The school reserves the right to take any necessary actions to ensure that
members of the school community are not subjected to any form of abuse in line with
policy and procedure.

Thank you for helping us keep Heaton School a great place to be at all times.

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