Preparation for Adulthood

All our students work towards the 4 outcomes for adulthood taken from the SEND reforms over their journey from KS3 through to our Post 16 department to provide them with the skills to move on after Heaton School.

Part 3 of The Children and Families Act, which came into force in September 2014, stated that preparing for adulthood outcomes should be a focus of person-centered reviews from year 9 onward.


The four Preparing for Adulthood life outcomes are based on what disabled young people say is important to them.

Ultimately young people want to have full lives with choices about their future.

The aim is that young people with SEN and disabilities have equal life chances as they move into adulthood. For example: paid employment, housing, independent living, choice and control, community inclusion, friends and relationships.

As students progress through school they will have more exposure to the four outcomes with emphasis growing towards Post 16 department where this is the main focus. Our Yr14 Assessment is all centered around the four outcomes, all teachers are expected to deliver aspects of the outcomes in all sessions discreetly or as the focus of the lesson. This allows us to empower the students and help them gain the skills they need for college, work or greater independence.

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