Outcomes – Assessing impact and informing planning

From September 2014 the Government scrapped national Curriculum assessment levels and replaced them with year end assessments.

Our students were previously assessed under P-Levles, these are now not compulsory and have been given the freedom to create our own assessment framework that is more appropriate to our students and focuses on the Outcomes for Adulthood post Rochford review and SEND Reforms.

We have created our own H-Level framework that assesses progress under 7 headings. This allows us to teach a curriculum that covers all the areas set out in the National Curriculum but assess small steps of progress in a way that is meaningful to our learners. We use an online package called Classroom Monitor to carry out assessment and create reports.

These levels have been created by our teachers and allow us to assess progress in the core skills (Numeracy, Literacy & Communication) and the functional skills that are at the centre of the Outcomes for Adulthood.





Life Skills

Physical & Health

Friendship & Community

Understanding the World

Powerpoint for parents re Classroom Monitor & Assessment