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Why do I need to stay at home_Social Story

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Visual Timeline Guide and Resources

As we know the change in routine and structure for our young people who will now be at home will have a significant impact.  As a Speech Therapy Team we have prioritised developing resources to support our pupils and families with this big change.  Please find above a Timeline Next guide and resource that will hopefully be useful and supportive.

2 – 26.3.20

Please find attached another resource we wish for schools to share with pupils and families.  We know our young people have activities they find very motivating at home, such as favourite toys and the iPad! We also know there are activities that are essential but less motivating for our young people, such as brushing teeth or bath time!

This Now and Next/First and Then guide will hopefully provide some guidance on how to encourage our young people to engage in those less preferred activities.  We’ve provided both Now and Next and First and Then as we know some settings may prefer or have historically used one or the other.  Many of our young people will be familiar with ‘Now and Next’ from school and parents can contact teachers for specific advice regarding how to use with their young person if required.

Now and Next resource (1)

First and Then resource

We’ve had some requests for resources including:

  • Social Story: school work/learning at home
  • Advice to support anxieties
  • Playboards

We’re also working on:

  • Social communication
  • Language resources
  • Encouraging choice making at home
  • Advice and modelling how to use resources – videos hopefully coming soon