ICT Technician position

The post of ICT technician is a new and exciting role within the school. Our school is looking for someone with excellent ICT knowledge and skills and who is a good problem-solver. The role will be vital in supporting school with the smooth running and use of ICT equipment including: PCs; Interactive screens; lighting and sound in our specialist drama studio; specialist electronic music equipment; specialist apps on IPads and tablets; various electronic programmable communication aids for young people with communication difficulties; programmable lighting and sound in our ‘sensory’ spaces for students with multi-sensory impairment or pre-verbal students. The variety of equipment used in school will make this an interesting opportunity. Applications are welcomed by people who may wish to combine the role with another e.g. another part-time role in ICT or special education; students studying ICT courses; parents returning to work after a stay at home role.


This will be a 12hr a week position – please watch this space for more information