Post 16 - Programme of Study

Our post 16 students (years 12,13 and 14) enjoy a full and varied learning curriculum across 2 Heaton School campuses - our Heaton Moor site as well as our newer Cheadle Heath site. Just like other school years at Heaton, a big focus for our post 16 programme of study continues to reflect the Preparation for Adulthood agendas 4 themes of:

  • Good Health
  • Friendships, Relationships and Community
  • Independent Living
  • Employment

At our Heaton site, some students work in our Sensory department and follow a broad sensory curriculum, with a focus on the Preparation for Adulthood themes. This curriculum is assessed through the Routes for Learning assessment pathway which looks at cognitive development, communication and social interaction, and environmental interaction. Lessons taught include Community, Sensology, Rebound, Drama, Food Technology, Communication, Music, Forest Schools and PE and are planned to reflect the students Indiviudal Education Plans and therapy targets. 

Other students at the Heaton site work in classes which offer a more nurturing, structured environment with a higher ratio of staff support and a IEP focused learning programme reflecting the Heaton school H level curriculum and assessment pathway covering the learning areas:

  • English and Maths
  • Communication
  • Friendship and Community
  • Life Skills
  • Physical and health
  • Communication
  • Understanding the World

At our Cheadle Heath site students continue to work through the schools H levels in the above subjects as well a their Individual Education Plan targets. There is an increased emphasis on preparaton for adulthood with students developing life skills and employability/work skills through a mix of classroom learning, work related learning and practical learning in the community. Cheadle Heath students learn how to prepare their own snacks and cook simple meals, access the local gym and swimming pool, read a shopping list and go shopping, travel on public transport, participate in Enterprise activities such as charity projects and coffee mornings and many more!

Some of our post 16 students will also have the opportunity to achieve external accrediation from organisations such as the Welsh Board examining board and Duke of Edinburgh.

For more details regarding post 16 Programmes of Study contact Assistant Headteacher Jennifer Beresford on 0161 4321931.



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